Paper for a Laser Printer

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Is Special Paper Needed for Laser Printers?

Laser printers may not be as picky as you think. In fact, inkjets and laser printers do not really require different paper quality. If you have no choice but to print on whatever paper that is available, you can still use your laser printer. Although it is not the best choice, laser printers are manufactured to be superior to other printers. It can still produce good quality print outputs. The only issue is that, in order for you to have the best performance provided by the laser printer, you have to use a special paper. When you use normal paper in laser printers the output will be blurry or somewhat spread out. In this article, we will be listing down the reasons why you should opt for special papers rather than the cheap or normal papers that you may be using in your laser printer.

This is how laser printers work. Laser printers generate higher levels of heat than normal printers and because of that laser printers require specific quality of papers. These special papers are made to be heat resistant. The printer may be ruined if the ordinary paper melted when you are printing. Special paper is indeed pricier than normal papers but you have to keep in mind the laser printer you have bought. Printer repairs and buying another printer is a lot more expensive than making sure that you use the correct paper for it.

What to Check When Using Your Laser Printer?

Most of the time, the paper or media that is used together with the laser printer are labelled to inform you whether it is applicable to use it.  Make sure that you buy a paper that is compatible with your laser printer.

  • The paper has special coating or wax backing paper that is designed to be heat resistant.
  • Some special paper has a ColorLok seal in it. This means that this paper has chemical properties that can give you less dust and produce lower friction that is great for laser printers.
  • If you want print outputs that have crisp clarity choose a paper with xenographic bond. It is a paper with a smoother and whiter quality. The better tone bond on its surface will give you the clearness that you want in your print outputs.
  • Look for a laser-compatible transparency film. This laser-compatible transparency film is not just heat resistant but will also withstand high toner fusion that is common for laser printers.
  • If you are printing for aesthetic purposes, make sure to look for coated and translucent decorative papers. These decorated papers can also give you a lot of advantage to spice up normal laser friendly sheets. Don’t forget to check if it can last against the 200 degrees Fahrenheit heat that a laser printer produces.

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