Printer Repairs for the Average Joe

Printers have gradually become an indispensable gadget that we can’t seem to live without through the years. They are such a reliable and dependable workmate especially during those trying and busy school or work days where the projects just seem to keep on piling up. But of course, printers also have their quirks. The good news is these problems are quite easy to fix and rarely require the services of a printer service technician. These printer repairs can be done even by people with limited technical experience. More information available here.

If your printer prints even the most plain and uncomplicated print jobs rather slowly, you may need to tweak its settings a bit. What you want to do is to lower the print quality for heavy duty printing jobs. This will not only speed up the printing process but will also save you a substantial amount of ink. While editing your document, press CTRL+P to bring up the Printing setup page and click on Properties. For a Kyocera 1820, the default print quality is 600dpi. Reconfigure it to 300dpi and click Apply.

There are also the occasional spotty or inexplicably light prints as well as horizontal lines seemingly popping up out of nowhere. These problems are common with inkjet printers and are frequently caused by clogged print heads. If you are running on Windows 7, click on the Start menu and click on Devices and Printers and click on your printer’s utility program. This handy program can do printer repairs for you as it can clear out the dried ink in your printer and print out a test print for good measure. You may need to do a quick search on your start menu to find this. If for some reason this does not work, you may need to leave your printer turned off overnight. Then run the utility program again as the dried ink should be softer then before and should be easier to clean.

There are also some rare cases for Windows 7 users where Windows reconfigures your default printer, thus wrongly sending print jobs to a different, unintended printer. There is no need to go bonkers and call a printer service technician to fix this issue. Instead, reselect your intended printer as the default printer. To do this, simply go to Devices and Printers in your Start Menu and go to the Printers and Faxes tab. Right-click your intended default printer and click ‘Set as Default’. Text may vary for different installations.

So you see, there is no need to call a printer service technician every time you encounter printer problems. Just refer to this guide and everything should be working as intended again.