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Difference Between Renting and Leasing That You have to Know About

Many people have this misconception that copier leasing is the same with renting copiers; the terms are kind of synonymous in a way. Still, when it comes to copier matters, there is a big difference between the two. People in Dallas usually sign copier lease contracts thinking the agreement is a rental. This article is going to let you in on the many differences of a copier lease and a copier rental.

Payment Frame

Copier lease agreements are at least a 3-year one. It means that copier leasing requires one to sign a long-term contract whereas a rental doesn’t. Basically, copier rentals are short-term. There is no specific minimum time frame for the agreement. This is when copier leasing becomes less flexible despite its known flexible nature. Rentals are simply more flexible due to this time frame free selection.

Given these specifics on period of time for each agreement, copier rentals then become easier to terminate than leases. Copier leasing is simply a long-term agreement that does not play around paper matters. That makes it reliable and trustworthy though. Obviously, a legally binding agreement such as a copier lease makes both your dealer and you in a position of good business. Rentals could be a little loose on this matter, so that may not work so well for a business.

Difference Between Renting and Leasing That You have to Know About

Maintenance Services

Copier leasing contracts have maintenance service clauses included in it that is why it is such a convenient copier deal. Not only do you get your copier in flexible terms, it also comes with free maintenance services. Yes, maintenance service is free in copier lease agreements. With rentals, maintenance and other services are separately charged.

If you are only going to use your copier for just a month or two, a rental would be the best choice. You would not worry about maintenance charges as a couple of months hardly trigger a call for that. However, if you are a business looking for a permanent machine for the office, leasing should be your choice. Copier leasing will save you from all the worries any machine may cause you.

Price and Renewal

Ask copier leasing Dallas experts and they will come up with almost the same price range for both rentals and leases. However, it is the total monthly costs that make a big difference. When it comes to monthly payment in copier leasing, there is less expenses and a variety of negotiable terms. On the other hand, there are service charges and costs that are simply not as flexible as of lease’s.

Should you decide to rent a copier as a cautious measure for a startup business and end up needing the machine longer, a rental may not be as handy. Imagine signing up for a certain period of rental time only to find out you want a longer one. Rentals are not as easily renewed as leases because most likely, your machine is already set for a new customer after its contract with you. Also, renewals are not a rental thing.

Leasing provides you the option to renew without costing you anything. Rentals will just cost you a lot of contract end fees and that adjustment for a new copier.

Upgrade Issues

Copier leasing certainly assures that you are up to date with your machine, which  is observed when it comes to their end of lease terms and other upgrade options. Rentals can never promise you this important technology matter. Renting a copier is just renting it alone. Copier leasing, on the other hand, gives you access to the latest technology easily. With a rental, you can never rely on that kind of service.

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