Is fax capability still needed?

As technology pushes for progress, development, and advancement, many previously invented devices reached their obsolete phase, replaced by better and newer versions.

In today’s world, is fax capability still needed?

First and foremost, what is faxing?

Faxing is the transmission of documents electronically over a telephone line or network. This is done using a fax machine, a device that enables these transmissions called “faxes.” The process could either be an end-to-end fax machine or either could be a computer or an online fax service.

How does it work?

The fax sender machine sends scanned materials using an internal optical scanner; converted digital information is sent as electronic signals to its receiver. Nowadays, faxing is, in fact, prevalent and used in different industries. It’s just that the faxing ability is combined with others like multifunctional printers, which are more convenient for its users.

Why is fax capability still needed?

The fax capability can be integrated into a multifunction printer or device.

Having the fax capability as part of your all-in-one printer gives you more space to spare for the utmost convenience. If you decide to buy, lease or rent a multifunction printer with a fax capability, it would be helpful as the situation calls for its service. 

Faxing provides stronger security for information transmissions.

Most transfers in the business industry are done through email, which may seem to offer you a whole lot of ease. However, faxing could guarantee you the security of the information that you share. Email passes through different servers and such through the use of the internet. Faxing uses telephone lines that are completely resistant to malicious and ransom software.

Moreover, it is very difficult to hack a faxing transmission line, or only an unreadable signal can be found if ever in succession. This is the main reason why the medical and legal fields dominantly make use of faxing to avoid leakage of sensitive information. With its capability, faxing is also prevalent in the business industry. 

Faxing gives you assurance more than emails can.

How would you know if the receiver has successfully received the information you intend to share when sending an email? Well, of course, that could be through a reply or asking the person you sent it to, yourself. Faxing does not let you wait or make more fuss as confirmation of a successful transmission notifies you of the time and date it arrived in the receiver.

Faxing provides you with a paper trail confirmation.

The successful transmission confirmation comes in a paper trail, with the complete time and date stamp that may be useful for future purposes, unlike emails that can be easily deleted and leave no marks of clue or evidence.

Faxing is easier when it comes to sending documents with electronic signatures.

As mentioned above, the security faxing provides makes it more secure to transfer legal documents rather than in emails. You may also send the same file through emails, but it is much more vulnerable to a data breach. 

Final Thoughts

With the different reasons stated above, it is confirmed that fax capability is still needed today. Even with the prevalence of a lot of different sending devices and features, nothing beats the security that it can guarantee you.

This is why the fax capability is still present, as it is needed and being benefited from. 


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