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Printers, Copiers or Plotters: Know Your Specific Needs

WHEN IT COMES to the printing business, the industry has loads of services offered for a diverse market. Mostly, people would often go for printing services to make use of three specific devices, namely: printers, plotters, and/or copiers. Each of these is adept at performing a particular job suitable for particular purposes and circumstances. The use of each device, therefore, depends largely on each person’s resources and needs.

Let us take a peek at each machine’s unique features, usage, and performance, and know the ideal type of users who can benefit from each device.

Printers. These are small devices that are easy to transport and care for. They can provide for casual printing needs and produce high-quality images and texts. These attributes make them perfect for personal use, which is why you’d often see them used in homes and individual offices.

Copiers, on the other hand, are like large printers. They were designed for photocopying, scanning and printing various amounts of documents at high speeds. This makes them suitable for vast costs of printing or photocopying and is often seen in businesses, universities, and other places that require constant printing or photocopying. Aside from these, modern copier models have become more automatic with the ability to collate, staple and print on both sides of the paper all at the push of a button.

Lastly, plotters. These are devices used today to “mechanically draw” designs or images made primarily of geometric shapes. The significant difference with planners is that they use a mechanical arm that guides a pen throughout the medium to produce the image. Engineers and architects usually make use of these devices due to their ability to provide accurate outputs over a vast surface area.

The desire to acquire quality output doesn’t depend on the brand, model and features alone, but also in knowing what device is the best fit for you. Whether it be printers, copiers, or plotters, each device needs to be accurately weighed and thought about to ensure success in your endeavours.

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