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5 Best Features of a Copier Must Have

Best Features of a Copier

Numerous copy and print brands have done an amazing job of branding themselves. The brands usually rely on their name recognition to help increase their positions as leaders in the industry. 

It is not unusual, for example, to hear workers of a certain generation refer to making a Xerox instead of saying “making a copy.”

What to look for in a copier

It is imperative, however, to consider the functionality and capabilities of the copier that you choose instead of relying on the brand name alone. 

Here are the five assessment categories presented when selecting the best copier or printer for your business. 

 Print Quality

A company’s marketing team is the one who is responsible for protecting its corporate brand and making sure that its promotional materials stand out from their competitors’. Matching precise Pantone colors and producing amazing image quality are of utmost importance.

The best way to determine the real print quality is with a side-by-side comparison. Copier sellers will meet up with a potential client who is familiar with a copier brand that was once considered the color expert in the industry. 

The sellers will then conduct a demonstration that compared that brand’s performance against another brand. After setting up the color profiles, the same image document will be printed on both copiers and the results will be eye-opening. Some brands will easily outperform another brand with stunning resolution and vivid image quality.

Software Compatibility

The education sector experiences some very frustrating print issues as it is connected to software compatibility. Offices and businesses use numerous devices in the workplace like iPads, Chromebooks and others. 

Print drivers may differ among them, and an IT staff is usually called upon to manually configure these devices. When numerous print and copy brands are in use, the task can take a long time to finish. 

There are copier brands with print compatibility software solutions like PaperCut that allows users to print easily and to have mobility from numerous interfaces, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Novell. This solution is also capable of tracking and budgeting printing based on specific individuals, businesses and offices. 

Also, healthcare facilities often need a reliable printer or smaller multifunction device that performs well with Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software. When it comes to this regard, Lexmark is the leader. 

User Tracking

Numerous industries must account for each printed document for billing purposes. If you work in a law firm, you will need to make sure that the device that you choose has account-code tracking capabilities to accurately charge your clients. 

The real estate industry, for example, is where employees usually use their own devices. These types of businesses must be able to track usage and attribute it to clients and users. 


Some offices usually need a workhorse of a copier. Religious institutions and even nonprofits usually print high volumes each week in the form of bulletins and newsletters. Timelines are usually tight, so fast printing speed and reliable performance are important. 

Another consideration is the output size. Not all devices can accommodate paper 11×17-inch or even larger. Financial institutions, accounting offices and even architectural firms usually require ledger size for spreadsheets, blueprints and other large format documents.


The quality of service provided by your copier services partner is just as, if not more important than the copier you select. 

They should begin their client relationships by performing a thorough print analysis as this helps identify your organization’s unique needs and ensures that the copiers and printers that you use offer the appropriate range of capabilities. 

They must also train users within your company and are available to resolve issues should they arise.


Industry experts welcome the chance to talk to you about your challenges to determine the solution that is aligned with your office needs. 

They will make recommendations based on your environment and the features that will be most beneficial for your situation and your bottom line. If you are in Dallas and you’re looking for a Copier for your business, you may contact Clear Choice Technical Services in Dallas. You can ask about Copier Leasing Services in Dallas, Copier rental services in Dallas.