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A Service for the Conventional Readers

Service for the Conventional Readers

ARE YOU one of those people who love to read? Do you like going through different kinds of reading materials? Do you enjoy scribbling notes on the page and highlighting words and phrases with markers? Do you prefer being able to physically hold the books and feel the pages in between your fingers as you go through the whole reading process?

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then you are a conventional type of reader, and you are not alone. Unlike the millennial type of readers who prefer to read books in digital forms, the conventional one is more comfortable with the traditional textbook with physical reading pages or the hard copy.

People nowadays, especially the millennials, would often argue that keeping books or other thick reading material isn’t practical anymore since everything is already accessible on your smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. Even the joy and satisfaction of highlighting words is already something you can do digitally.

However, for the conventional readers, the feeling of having to physically hold the material, fumble their fingers on the smooth sheets, smell the pleasant old wood-like scent of the paper and go through the whole story page by page is quite a different experience.  

It is not uncommon to find conventional readers in a copier services industry. You’d see them photocopying a specific reading material or perhaps printing a memorable picture or any piece of literature. It’s common to see students who prefer to have their readings as a hard copy rather than a soft copy.

This kind of readers says reading a physical book and holding it in a hard copy helps them to better digest the reading and comprehend more rather than just staring at the letters from a screen. But whatever the reason may be, it is helpful to note that copier services are widely available to help respond to that need.

Copier service providers offer photocopy and prints and even provide to lease copier machines to those in need of it. Copier services give us a practical way of obtaining a massive amount of documents and papers at an affordable price. Therefore, regardless of the proliferation of ebooks on tablets and smartphones, copier services could always help us in providing every aspect of a satisfactory reading experience.

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