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Keeping your office copiers and printers secure may sound like an automatic response every company should have. Yet, it actually surprises the number of companies that underestimate this idea, especially when it comes to simple gadgets like copiers.

While we are frequently worried about web security, information can be gotten to by individuals who need to help the opposition or take part in corporate undercover work. They can also get information from printers and copiers because these things are also connected online. 

From start to finish, security is crucial to a sound and safe business. And documents have so much information that should be viewed by just anyone. Here are some things you should do to make your office copier safe from the bad guys:

Turn on automatic log-off

Sometimes, an employee fails to remember that auto log-off is a choice. Set your copier to log off any use during inactivity to improve security. 

Keeping somebody signed in for more than two or three minutes implies the entirety of the information and documents they can get to are in danger. 

Besides, using an auto log-off doesn’t mean logging individuals off following 15-minutes. Doing this would help the machine to rest or power-saver mode to save power. Nonetheless, somebody just takes a couple of seconds to gather their finished task.

Protect already-printed documents

Suppose some reports aren’t right away. They could be revised and cause confusion or legal problems. Consider protecting the document that is already printed. You can also use a coded passage to limit the number of individuals who can use the copier.

Restricted admittance to how much staff can utilize the copier will accomplish a great deal. It can become an added safety feature for your organization as well. 


Control user access

Further to the above mentioned information, this choice is referenced more frequently than other choices for good. It’s a significant security instrument seldom used to its maximum capacity.

Some staff might be restricted to high contrast duplicates. Others might gain admittance to a variety of copies. Moreover, others might have full access, empowering them to get to their undertakings from the hard drive and email their activities to outside sellers.

You could try and add movement sensors to recognize off-hours use. Then, at that point, ask the safety officer who does rounds to incorporate the printer or copier room in his everyday walk-throughs.

Monitor use

Ensure that your employees have only access to the places they are permitted to be. If an employee is visiting the copier station when they have nothing to do in that place, keep a close eye on them.

Also, have a camera and log book on your copier stations. At times, this might increment their productivity from working for an organization. Taking into account, monitoring is significant not only for security purposes.

Assuming your employees realize that they are being observed while working, they will make the most of your time and won’t do anything wrong because they are being monitored and getting them caught would be easy. 

Checking hardware use might be a decent approach to increment efficiency decisively. Moreover, this can also prevent your copiers and printers from being treated unfairly, this will prolong their life-span.

Last Thoughts

Such a lot should be possible to keep your association secure. Keep your office hardware safe by guaranteeing restricted admittance, switching on auto log-off, and redesigning your copier to the most recent programming. Don’t forget to protect previously printed archives and control client or employee access. 

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